The Barangay is the smallest political unit in the Philippines, yet plays a big role in the community. A Barangay serves as the primary unit of government policies, plans, programs, projects and activities in the community. The head is called the Barangay Captain, but today, under the Local Government Code, he is called the Punong Barangay.

You need to get a Barangay Business Clearance or Barangay permit first, before securing a Mayor’s Permit. It one of the requirements for securing Mayor’s Permit. The following are the requirements and steps in getting a Barangay Clearance:

Requirements for a Company Barangay Clearance (NEW BUSINESSES)

1. For Sole Proprietorships – Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Business Name Certificate (Single Proprietorship); or,

2. For Corporations or Partnerships – Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership

3. Contract of Lease (if renting) or Land Title and Tax Declaration (if owned)

4. Certificate from Homeowner’s Association (if your business address is within a village or subdivision or condominium)

Steps and Procedures

1. Fill out the application form

•  Go to the designated Barangay Hall.

•  Go to the permit department and ask for the application form for business permit and fill it out.

•  Submit the accomplished application form together with the other requirements.

2. Assessment

•  Wait for the assessment. Normally, it takes 15 to 30 minutes.

3. Payment

•  Get the assessed application.

•  Pay the corresponding amount at the cashier.

4. Receiving

•  Submit the paid application.

5. Release

•  After receiving the paid application, wait for the release. Some barangays release the certificate on the same day of your application, while others schedule it on the following day after the payment was made.

Obtaining a company barangay clearance is not difficult. We outlined the requirements and procedures in this article. After you get your barangay clearance, head on straight to the City Hall to apply for your Business Permit.

Barangay Clearance Requirements And 5 Steps To Get It


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