7 Basic Tips In Dominating Your RunRunning has become popular in our generation. Young and old – you can see different people in the metro running at their own pace. Some may be running because they want to lose weight, some may be running because it is their hobby, and some may be running because they want to join and compete in races. Whatever your reasons are for running, here are 7 tips to help you improve your run.

7 Tips to Improve Your Run

•  Find the Right Shoes for You

Before you start your run, you must find the right shoes that fit your feet well and that caters to the kind of running you want to do. You can visit your closest running specialty store like Runnr which can be found in Bonifacio High Street and inside Toby’s Sports Arenas.  Ask them to measure and analyze your gait. The analysis will tell you how your feet land and how you stride when you run. All the information gathered will help determine which shoe is best for you and your running needs. Having the right shoe will not only ensure safety from injury but also give you comfort during long runs.

•  Equip Yourself With the Right Gear

After getting the right shoes, you can also start gearing up with items that can help you run longer and faster. You can buy yourself specialized running outfits, sunglasses, visors, and even a nifty running belt. These equipment protects you from the external environment where you usually run and can be used to store your valuables while running.

•  Prepare a Training Regimen to Follow

Whether you are planning to go professional or improve your cardio fitness, it is essential that you prepare a training regimen. Having a training regimen helps you stay on track so you can achieve your goals. These goals can be reaching sub 1 on your 10k run, running at a below-5 minute-per-kilometer pace, or developing that perfect running form. You can check Milo APEX Running School for help. They offer different classes that provide tips and techniques for different run categories.

•  Stick to Your Regimen Religiously

Of course, after making a training regimen, you will have to schedule all your trainings. Getting started is hard but once you get the hang of it, it will come second nature to you. Just make sure you stick to your regimen religiously. If something comes up, be flexible! Adjust your schedule. But always remember who or what your priorities are.

•  Eat Healthy and Get Plenty of Rest

There is nothing wrong with taking a break once in a while to recover from your training. Some  may think that resting is for the weak. But letting your body rest helps prevent injuries as well as illnesses. After a good day’s rest, you will feel refreshed and ready to go running again. Recovery is not just about rest, it is also about the food you eat. Eat healthy, natural food and avoid processed ones for better energy. Remember, recovery is an essential part of any training regimen, and your lifestyle plays a big role in your performance too.

•  Pace Yourself

While running, you will experience slowing down or running out of air. That is perfectly normal. If this happens, walk. You do not have to force yourself. Remember, slow and steady can also win the race. Find the right pace for you.

•  Practice Your Form and Your Breathing

As you advance, you will discover that there are a lot of different running forms. Find the one best suited for you and improve yourself from there. You will also learn that breathing patterns and techniques help improve your run. You can learn these techniques from experienced runners, coaches or even from YouTube videos and Free Webinars online. What is great is that you can practice these techniques by yourself. If you practice with a fellow runner, you can help correct each other.

Final reminder, when you go out for a run, no matter how far or how long, just enjoy it! Free your mind and you will feel better, not just physically but emotionally as well.

7 Basic Tips In Dominating Your Run

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