Business Opportunities for Filipinos

Last January 3, we got invited to be one of the guests at DZRH on the program Go Negosyo sa Radyo. We were invited by Ramon Lopez (of RFM). We were surprised because it was just the start of the year and this big opportunity to start the year right was upon us.

The topic was very timely! It was about what business opportunities are available for Filipinos in 2014 and what resources are available for these people who want to start their own business or those who already have their business.

When we got to the station, we were greeted by Cheska San Diego, one of the regular anchors on the show. In addition, the other guest was also there. We were introduced to Armando “Butz” Bartolome, also known as the franchising guru. Who better to talk about business opportunities in 2014, right?

He shared a lot of facts about franchising. By facts we mean the good and the bad. His answer to the question about the outlook of franchising in 2014 was, “Unstoppable!” But despite that, he also said that franchising is not for everyone.

Of course, we shared what we do, which we won’t get into detail here *wink*.

It was definitely a wonderful experience for us. We got to meet the franchising guru! Personally, I have been hearing his name even way back in college. When I got to talk to him, he said that he already held a couple of talks and seminars in my alma matter.

Lesson from this radio guesting? There are a lot of opportunities out there, especially for us Filipinos. However, it takes having the right knowledge and the right partner to be successful. Do not just push forward without knowing the consequences of what you are getting into. Having your own business is not for the faint of heart. It takes dedication and hard work to be successful.

Business Opportunities For Filipinos In 2014