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Deciding to have your own business entails a lot of proceedings such as accomplishing the necessary business permits and business licenses in the Philippines. Aside from completing the important paperwork, ensuring that your business permit is renewed is also vital in your business operation.

If you’re having difficulties with these documents, here are some insider tips that would help in this undertaking to enable you to focus on other business functions.

Business Permit and Renewal

Securing a Business Permit

•  Business permits from the Mayor’s Office should only be secured after registering with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) or with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

•  A Mayor’s Permit or Business Permit is also referred to as the license from the Local Government Unit (LGU). Procedures included in obtaining this permit varies on the ordinances followed by the city. For instance, getting a permit in Makati City is different in Quezon City.

•  When asked for your start-up cost, indicate only the amount you used, as this is used in determining the amount they’ll charge you for registering your business.

Business Permit Renewal

•  Get a new barangay clearance from the barangay hall before proceeding to the municipal hall.

•  Prepare your old Barangay Clearance from the previous year and pay the necessary fees. Corresponding fees may be similar to the amount you paid for before.

•  Have your gross income from the previous year computed before getting your community tax certificate or Cedula.

•  Ask your accountant to prepare your statement of gross sales, as payment for the Cedula would depend on the data included here.

Other Relevant Tips

•  Acquiring your sanitary permit is only possible after paying all the necessary registration fees. A health examination may also be required and may cost up to PHP 1,000.

•  A fire safety certificate would be given once all your fees have been computed. From this computation, the fire department would schedule an inspection, and their fees would be based on the charges that the municipal hall charges you.

•  Applying for SSS, PAGIBIG, and PhilHealth clearances is only applicable if your business has five or more employees.

•  If you’re using an apartment as your office, an annual building inspection certificate is required.

Business registration is crucial in having a business, and one that should never be overlooked. Do you know other tips in making this process an easy one?

2019 Business Permit Renewal


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