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Coworking in the Philippines – co.lab Philippines

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Coworking in the Philippines

Have you heard of coworking? It is a modern style of working where individual professionals use shared resources that promote collaboration and community-building. These shared resources include a space, internet, and utilities. One of the first active coworking spaces here in the Philippines is co.lab.

This may be hard to grasp for a lot of people, but as Arriane Serafico explains it,

coworking is what you do in Starbucks/Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf/other coffee shop of your choice — only, you’re in the company of other freelancers instead of those annoyingly boisterous barkadas, or old women gossiping and cackling, or students (mostly law students) hogging all the electric sockets.

co.lab Philippines is one of the first active coworking spaces in the Philippines. Its frequent coworkers (this is what we call members of the community) are in the technology (IT) and media industry. Some coworkers are individuals, while some are small companies. co.lab is also home to some social enterprises. This is the community that you can expect here.

Traditional workspaces are often owned or leased by the business. Most of these spaces have cubicles that separate empoyees from another. However, getting your own space is very expensive. It is not affordable to a lot of freelancers and small businesses. That is the main reason why we see a lot of freelancers do their work in coffee shops. Coworking grew from the idea that people work better than they do alone. So, do you think that coworking is for you?


Coworking In The Philippines Co Lab Philippines

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