We’ve already heard about BIG DATA in a number of articles and forums, explaining that the world now operates with not just a few data but a ton of information. But having a ton of information doesn’t really mean that we can have a successful business, because we need to figure out first how to analyze that  information and make it useful for our business.

And this is where this event comes in.


Event A Workshop On The Basics Of Data Science


Data Means Business is a half-day workshop on the basics of data science.

•  It’s specifically designed for lay people without prior knowledge in or exposure to data science.

•  It’s a fantastic way for beginners to learn about a fast-changing field that will revolutionize industries.

•  It’s a great introduction to those who are considering a career as a data scientist or data analyst but didn’t know where to start. This isn’t your parents’ career path, after all!

This workshop is a way to get your feet wet before learning to swim. If the water feels nice, we have future workshops on the way!

In these talks , you’ll learn:

1. Why data scientists are among the most in-demand and highly-paid executives today.

2. Why both tech companies and traditional organizations (especially those in consumer goods, advertising, retail, banking, BPO, and telecommunications) are hiring teams of data scientists.

3. The basics of data science: receive a general, layman-friendly overview to get acquainted with terms like Hadoop, R, and Python.

4. Easy and basic ways to get comfortable with data and using data science to grow your business.

5. How to use your company’s data as a marketing tool to educate your customers and partners.

6. Analytical tools and templates that you can apply at work on Monday morning.

7. How startups are using data science to drive faster product release cycles that give them an edge vs old economy competitors.

8. How the Philippines can be uniquely positioned as a hub for data science.

9. How to start a career in data science: what skills and mindsets you need, and how you can build them.


2:00pm to 2:30pm   Introduction

2:30pm to 3:45pm   A Beginner’s Guide to Data Science for Business, By Reina Reyes

3:45pm to 4:30pm   Data-Driven Storytelling: How Data Science is Giving Startups an Unfair Advantage, By Oliver Segovia

4:30pm to 4:45pm   Networking Break

4:45pm to 6:00pm   Your Next Dream Job: Diving into a Career in Data and Analytics, By Raymond Castillo

6:00pm to 6:30pm   Q&A


1. Students or young professionals who want to shift to a career in data science.

2. Startups who want to learn practical tactics in using data-driven storytelling.

3. Freelancers who want to move up the value-chain by offering data-related services to clients.

4. Managers, executives, and marketers who want to learn how to pilot data science initiative in traditional companies.

5. Data scientists and analysts who want to network with peers and potential partners.

6. Educators, policymakers and government leaders who want help create an enabling environment for data science.

Workshop Fees: P1,999 (via Paypal), P2,499 (at the door)

Inclusive Of:

•  Half day workshop

•  Practical data analysis exercises

•  Networking event

•  Starbucks Coffee and Krispy Kreme Donuts

 When and Where:

•  Saturday, October 24, 2pm-6pm

•  A-SPACE The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City.

For more information, please visit Action Stack

See you there!


Event A Workshop On The Basics Of Data Science

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