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How to Read Our Blog

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Just like we mentioned in our About Us page, this blog is supported by individuals who are passionate about giving you actionable recommendations on the various topics listed. We want you to know and understand our approach to our articles.

Our content is broken down into five categories, listed below. We also took time to explain the rationale behind them and from your perspective, how you might get the most value from them.

5 Types of Content You Can Find in Our Blog

1. Infographics

We all love graphics. They say men are visual creatures? I say mankind is visual in nature. We know a good design when we see one. We are attracted to it. We love looking at it. But data? Numbers? Facts? Not all people love them. In fact, if we divide the whole population by their behavior types (DISC) we get only a quarter of the population (25%) who love data.

The challenge is combining the two. That’s how the infographic was born.

Here at Full Suite, we appreciate data and hard facts. However, we know that not everyone loves reading them. Product manuals are the best examples of this. Did you read the manual that came with your mobile phone? Or even muster the strength to open it? Maybe not. Some of you would rather dive right into it and explore yourself, right? You are using the right side of your brain trying to figure things out by how it looks like. If you have an iPhone, you’d notice that most new applications always start with a guide on how to use it. It walks you through the whole process.

And that is what we are dedicated to: giving you important stuff, making it easy for you to consume the information, and share with your friends and colleagues.

2. How-To Articles

In some cases, an itemized list is better, more efficient and more effective to use. That is why we included it here. Most of our posts will be under this category.

Here, we list down steps for every process. Even if the topics may be similar, we make it a point not to copy and paste information gathered from other websites. What makes our articles relevant is that they are all based on our experiences. It is a collection of our team’s collective effort and practices.

3. How-To Videos

We love YouTube. It is the second biggest search engine. Almost everything can be found there. By just watching videos, people learn to play the guitar, how to do makeup, how to cook and a whole lot more. And we are jumping on the bandwagon!

The category says it all. Here, we will be doing short videos, usually 5 minutes or less, of things that we think will be useful for you.

4. Tips for Business Owners

Minding your business – that is the tagline of our company. We are in the business of helping other companies grow and sustain their business. Growing and sustaining doesn’t mean only financially. There are a lot of areas of concern for company owners and entrepreneurs that need to be considered because they all affect the bottom-line. Every activity you do — brining in new human capital to the organization, implementing a marketing strategy, sourcing out suppliers — has an effect in your finances. That said, this category is to provide you an effective and efficient way of doing those things.

5. Tips for Professionals

Lastly, you do not need to be a business owner or an entrepreneur to read our blog. Just like a large chunk of the population, some of you are employees. This section is for you. Here we give recommendations on how you can do your work better. Most of the time, you will find tools for productivity in this section. This is one section that can be applied by anyone instantly.

If you’d like to suggest some topics that we have not discussed yet and you’d like to receive specific guidance on them, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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