If you have been living in the Philippines for quite some time, the very mention of the brands Lucky Me, Silver Swan, and Oishi will make you instinctively visualize their logos. These companies and many other successful local enterprises have realized that the symbol they use to identify their products spells a huge difference in their success. Also, not anyone else is permitted to use these logos considering that laws are present to protect business owners from the possible theft of their ideas.

If you are a business owner who wants to follow the footsteps of these giants, protecting your intellectual property is one of the best decisions you have made or will make.

Intellectual Property Rights in the Philippines

Logos or trademarks, together with copyright and related rights, geographic indications, industrial designs, patents, and layout-designs are just some of the things that consist “intellectual property rights” included in the Republic Act No. 8293—a law protecting artists, scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs with the work you produce.

What Are Your Rights upon Successful Registration of Your Original Work?

1. You are the only one who has the right to generate copies of your own work, which means other companies would not be allowed to use your logo. Doing so would mean a violation of your rights and corresponding penalties would follow.

2. You are the only party who can give out copies of your work to the public. Without your permission, it is impossible for others to distribute them. However, with your consent, it is possible for other companies to use your work along with receiving monetary rewards.

3. Only you are allowed to make imitations or spin-offs from your work. People who want to make them would be required to pay you.

4. The right to perform your work in places where there are other people is exclusive to you.

5. The right to manage the product according to how you see fit is your sole right.

6. You are entitled to receive an acceptable payment for your product or work from consumers.

All these rights are aimed to give you the proper recognition and let you enjoy the financial gains from your work. These usually extend up to 10 years and your registration can be renewed after the said time.

Registration services for intellectual property in the Philippines are only a few clicks away. So, ensure that your logo and your company’s asset are safe and secure today.

What Happens When There Are Violations of Your Rights?

There will be a formal investigation and if the parties are proven to be guilty, they will be heavily fined with amounts ranging from 5,000 to 150,000 pesos and have other penalties. These include their permits being canceled and them reimbursing the amount you spent during the formal investigations.

You may check the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines website for more information regarding these.

Enjoy your rights regarding intellectual property in the Philippines and run your business knowing that you are protected from the theft of ideas and work. Through these, you are on your way to accomplishing your business’ objectives.



Know Your Intellectual Property Rights In The Philippines


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