Marketing Intern[POSITION CLOSED]

By September 14, 2013 One Comment

Want to draw yourself away from just the boring concepts and get a feel of how it is to be actually implementing marketing  campaigns? During the whole internship program, you’ll be responsible for producing content for and managing the company’s social media content and accounts.

You’ll have an opportunity to learn about innovative ways of attracting prospect customers through inbound marketing, measuring company efforts, and organizing your workload.

You’ll have a background in marketing, preferably familiar with business management, have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Send your resume with the subject title “Marketing Intern” to or apply online at the careers portion on our website,


You can view the complete Job Description here.

One Comment

  • E.J. Padero says:

    It would be interesting to see how adding behavior to the criteria for hiring would affect the hiring process. Any ideas on how to do that on top of the usual interview and review of credentials/experience?

    I can relate on how intolerable a person with the right skills and experience can be so wrong to hire due to bad behavior.