We believe that every worker has boundless potential if only they are managed by superiors who possess excellent leadership skills. Sadly, we still hear stories about bad bosses in office lunchrooms and we all have our own experiences with poor leadership in the workplace.

We are all for improvement, so we have made a list of qualities that can make an extraordinary boss out of the ordinary.

8 Qualities That Make Ordinary Bosses Extraordinary

1. Mentor

You can easily spot an extraordinary boss by how they relate to their staff. They do not merely boss around or give orders but they actually sit down with each of their employees, assessing their performances and sharing with them their best known practices. They aim to help their members improve and succeed because they understand that the success of one is the success of all.

2. Inspirational

You can never get enough of these bosses. You are always all ears whenever they speak because they inspire every fiber of your being to be at your best. Whether it is through their words or their actions, you can see the optimism that they emit in every project you do together.

3. Generous with Praise and Reprimands Constructively

Insecurity has no room for these extraordinary bosses, which makes them appreciative of the people they work with. They recognize the efforts of their staff and give them compliments for a job well done. They give their members due credit when a project is recognized. And if they have to correct something, they do it privately and constructively.

Extraordinary bosses praises openly and reprimands quietly.

4. Visionary

Extraordinary bosses encourage their staff to look beyond the workload. They include their team members in the future of the company or the business and they tell them that. This in turn motivates their employees to work better and allows them to feel that they are truly valued.

5. Fun

Work can be stressful and having an equally stressful boss can be damaging to a worker. An extraordinary boss knows when to draw the line and make the office a fun workplace. They understand the need of employees to release their stress and find ways to make them relax to be more productive at work.

6. Leader

The extraordinary bosses will go ahead of their employees. If there is job to be done, they are the ones who forefront the project and work hands-on with their staff. They lead by example and don’t just leave all the work to their employees.

7. Empowering

You would know if you are working for an extraordinary boss when you handle important workload and he trusts you with it completely. Extraordinary bosses empower their staff to do their job efficiently by allowing them to undergo further training or equipping them with the right tools.

8. Compassionate

Extraordinary bosses have hearts. They care about the welfare of their workers and grant them consideration when they need it. They sincerely care for their staff and make themselves approachable to their workers.

The way a boss manages his subordinates is reflective of the kind of person he is. If you find these qualities in your own boss, stick closer and learn from him. His extraordinary ways will surely rub off on you and will eventually guide you to be a stellar boss yourself.


8 Qualities That Make Ordinary Bosses Extraordinary

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