Businesses are taking advantage of the mobility that today’s advance technology has yielded. The number of freelancers and start-up businesses has increased significantly in the past three years because of this flexibility. It also provides companies an option to work remotely and save a lot from operational costs.

As long as you have a laptop, tablet or smartphone, and Internet, you can work wherever you want. Here is a list of applications that you can utilize in running your business anywhere:

10 Tools for Running Your Business Anywhere

1. Skype

A very useful means of communication to your clients or even business counterparts—Skype tops other chat apps. You can do instant messaging, phone and video calls from any location and it runs well with Android and iOS. Aside from these basic functions, we love that it has screen sharing option, as well as easy archiving function.

 2. Google Docs

A good tool to create and manage documents online is Google Docs. With this app, you can collaborate with others on reports or files, and easily share documents with them. This is especially helpful for freelancers like writers or VAs.

 3. HootSuite

 Use HootSuite to handle your social media. You can update and monitor all your social media accounts in one place. Other functions that make this app a win for us: 1) user-interface is very simple, 2) runs well on different mobile apps, and 3) has scheduling post feature.

 4. PayPal

 Link your bank account to a PayPal account and you are good to go. You may accept payments from your customers via email or simply embed “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” buttons to your business website. PayPal can also process credit card payments which can be convenient for international transactions. Setting up an account is free but you get other useful features—like additional security checks, for one—when you go Pro.

 5. Paymo

Administrative tasks are now more bearable with Paymo. With this tool, freelancers and even businesses can track work time and accurately calculate billable hours. It also has an online invoicing feature and an efficient project management component. Paymo has a smooth dashboard that will make monitoring your team, project progress and invoicing a breeze.

 6. DropBox

 DropBox is a very efficient cloud service for storing and sharing files. Use it as your back-up drive which allows you to easily access files from anywhere because DropBox syncs throughout all your devices. While you get 2GB of storage space for free, you can always upgrade to a Pro or Business account should you need more space. Share documents and reports with your team without any hassle.

 7. MeetingBurner

You can conduct webinars or meetings with up to 10 people using MeetingBurner. This is especially useful if your business normally needs you to meet your team members or clients for project discussions. This tool also has screen sharing feature and loads three times faster than other meeting solutions without having to download another program.

 8. Wunderlist

 Wunderlist is a practical task management tool that will help you accomplish more in your to-do lists. You can share your lists, assign tasks to your team and monitor their progress. The customization option is also fun as it allows you to change backgrounds so it won’t feel bland. Wunderlist runs smoothly on most desktop and mobile platforms.

9. MailChimp

 MailChimp allows your business to develop its email marketing through email automation, managing your subscription list and tracking your campaign’s performance. Signing up for a premium account is optional as a free one can provide these functionalities and achieve the same results.

10. LessAccounting

LessAccounting is an accounting software that makes bookkeeping simple and understandable for freelancers. Easily set up books by adding bank accounts and importing expenses regularly. Through LessAccounting, you may send your clients invoice which allows you to get paid for a project accordingly. It is also a cost-efficient way of handling your business financials without any complications.

There are other apps and software available that you may explore. But basically these 10 tools are sufficient to provide you with the fundamental functions you need to run your business. We hope that our list will help you become more flexible and productive in your work even if you are away from the office.


10 Tools For Running Your Business Anywhere

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