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Should I Do An Internship?

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Images 1“What is an internship?”, you may ask. An internship is when a student or a recent graduate is undergoing a supervised training. Some may be doing an internship because it is required by their school or by their course while some may be doing an internship just because they want to. It may be that they have personal goal or because they have discovered the importance of interning.

You may ask yourself, “What are the benefits of doing an internship?” Well, let me help you answer your questions and clear out your doubts.

The Benefits of Being an Intern

•  Gain relevant experience that is useful, most especially when you enter a real job in the business world.

•  Learn to deal with real-world problems. This will teach you lessons you cannot learn at school.

•  Beef up your resumé making you more attractive to potential employers in the future.

•  Develop your social skills through interactions with your officemates.

•  Expand your network of industry contacts. There is a saying “It is not about what you know, it is who you know”. Your contacts may be of use in the future.

•  Transitioning to the business from the student world will not be as hard since you will be used to the working environment already, giving you an edge against others.

A myth that students think is that being an intern only means being a minion or a slave to the higher-ups. Avoid thinking that because it may make you miss out on important opportunities – like the opportunity to improve your knowledge and abilities. Being an intern does not mean clerical work alone. You may be given roles or assigned to handle and lead a project if you demonstrate your capabilities.

You may even be the one to interpret and present data that may help improve the company’s operations, or you may even be assigned to go hands-on in a couple of designs that will help improve the brand image of the company. For example, in Full Suite, I was tasked to make a tarpaulin and a web banner for the Social Media Event. I designed the tarpaulins to be more modern and up-to-date with the design trends. A couple of people approached our booth and asked if we offered our services in applications or online. They thought so because of the design I made which appeared modern and techy. Design can improve brand image and attract more consumers. You can dictate how they will see your company just with your design. As an intern, getting assigned to this task is already a huge responsibility.

Another example is when me and my co-interns were assigned to represent the company in the same event. As an intern, I did not expect such a responsibility to be given but we were able to handle it very well. We were able to exceed the original goal and exceeded it by 500%. Having handled such an event, I can say that my confidence level in engaging with other people has improved. My sense of responsibility and prioritizing has also improved and I value it more now because of this.

Just remember that being an intern is not the only choice. You must also choose to be what kind of intern you want to be. You may think “What? Why should I? I am just an intern, I should not take my job seriously”. That is the wrong mindset. You must always put to heart the things you do. Remember that you are training yourself for the real world, and if you train yourself to think that way as an intern, you may bring that habit with you once you officially become part of the business world.

After finishing an internship, you will become a better and more experienced student. In my experience as an intern, I became more responsible with my tasks. I learned how to manage and utilize my time wisely to what needs to be done. How I interacted with people improved as well. Overall, I became more efficient and prepared for the real world.

So… Do you think you should do an internship?

Should I Do An Internship

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