I am sure everyone will agree with me,

Our tax system is very complicated!

Nonetheless, the law is the law and sad as it may sound, we have to comply with it.

How to Compute for VAT


Output Input Vat2


This series is for people who want to comply with the law, but find it very hard to do so given the different permutations of what-if scenarios. It will also clarify questions and concerns about practitioners who have different meanings and interpretations. We will start with how to compute for Value Added Tax (VAT) because it is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. The outline for this will be made in 3 different articles – all of them covering the basics of VAT, computations, and filling out the forms.

Here are the 3 Parts of the Series:

1. How to Compute for VAT: The Computation

2. How to Compute for VAT: The Forms

3. How to Compute for VAT: The Concepts and Impact on Your Business

Expect the articles to come out in the next few weeks. That means this article will be updated as well to link them to the content once they get published.


Tax 101 How To Compute For Vat


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