Since writing this article three (3) years ago, we revisited the experience of renewing business permits to guide you through the process in preparation for the upcoming year. You can read all about it here. If you need help processing your business permit renewal, we can do this seamlessly for you. Register here to secure the discounted quote.

2018 is fast approaching and you know what it means! It’s time for business permits renewals. Be proactive and prepare for the  process the renewing of your business permits ahead of time.

In partnership with Bantay.Ph, we have collated everything we know about the process of business permit renewals and present it to you visually as an infographic to help you out this 2018.

Business Permit and Registration Renewal The Ultimate Guide To Business Permits Renewal Infographic

Step 1 – Business owners, from freelancers to corporations, would all have to go through business permit renewal starting at their local government unit or barangay hall. As always, there will be forms to fill up, documents to submit, and additional fees to pay. This varies from one LGU to another – requirements in Makati City may be different from Quezon City – so be sure to ask and ensure you have everything so that you wouldn’t lose your spot in the line. The release date of your new barangay permit shall be stamped on the official receipt.

The Ultimate Guide To Business Permits Renewal Infographic

Step 2 – Apart from the barangay permit, you also have to secure a Mayor’s permit. At your municipal hall, go to the Business Permit and Licensing Office to get the application form. Submit the accomplished application form along with the requirements for assessment. Make sure that there are no corrections so that you can breeze through this process and pay the fees at the City Treasurer’s Office. You’ll get a copy of the payment stamped with the releasing date of your Mayor’s permit. The processing time will depend on the volume of transactions, so it’s much better to get this done as soon as possible.

The Ultimate Guide To Business Permits Renewal Infographic

Step 3 – For the last stretch, you just need to renew your business registration at your RDO. Keep in mind that the deadline for this is January 31 and penalties for non-compliance range from 2,000 to 3,000.

Download and accomplish the BIR payment form 0605. Go to your Revenue District Office and approach the officer of the day. If there are no corrections upon assessment, you can pay the registration fee at any bank accredited by BIR. Keep in mind that you need to register and pay for each of your store branches.

You can download the full infographic here.

[Last updated: October 18, 2017]

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  • Jean says:

    Good day po! I am about to renew my business permit after securing all documents needed like my previous permit, dti reg, bir cert, sss clearance, philhealth payment. What hinders me is that they are asking for a certificate of occupancy in which one of the requirement is the bldg permit which i do not have because our shop doesnt have a bldg permit when it was built. What should i do?

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