The Truth in Outsourcing

Operating your own business requires you to accomplish so many energy-draining tasks – from fulfilling the legal requirements, to managing the books of accounts, to looking for the right people to work for you, and up to getting down to the revenue-generating operations.

Some entrepreneurs think they can handle all these tasks themselves. Some manage all the internal activities of their business but some has considered outsourcing. Outsourcing as an option and strategy is not new to businesses. What is outsourcing anyway? Basically, outsourcing means getting a third-party organization or individual to do a specific internal activity or business process for you to save costs and time and to skip the hassles of worrying about those tasks.

Nowadays, companies outsource not only for the purpose of cutting down costs, but also see outsourcing as a solution that offers so much benefits – experts accomplishing tasks, increase in efficiency, optimizing turnaround time and eventually, generating more revenue. The truth that outsourcing can help you run your business smoothly is left unseen. There are misleading notions that came about outsourcing:

1. Outsourcing is for Large-scale Businesses Only

The truth about outsourcing is that companies of all sizes can benefit from it – from one-man teams to the biggest multinationals. Outsourcing is for every type of business enterprise that is on the lookout for expertise and ways to save time and costs.

2. Outsourcing is Just an Additional Cost

Big fat lie! Startup businesses save more than they spend when they outsource. Outsourcing is seen as a solution to rising variable costs because it is a fixed cost. Imagine the time and money you save when you outsource. You will get to utilize the experts’ abilities to optimize your operations. That way, you save costs because you do not have to ‘hire’ your own people.

3. Only Inefficient Businesses Outsource

On the contrary, businesses that outsource are more efficient that those who do not outsource. By delegating supporting activities to external companies, businesses are able to get their hands off functions that are difficult to manage. They are still in-control, but does not have to worry about operating it. Take, for example, the customer service of some companies and banks like Globe, Smart, and HSBC – these are all outsourced to external companies.

4. Outsourcing = Call Centers

Now, this is the biggest misconception. Although big companies most commonly outsource customer service response units, outsourcing is not limited to that service alone. Accounting, hiring, registration of business, payroll preparation are some functions that can be outsourced as well.

5. Outsourcing Companies Only Cater to Large-scale Companies

Of course not. There are service providers who cater to micro and small-scale enterprises as well. Full Suite has been a service provider for micro, small and medium-scale enterprises for more than 14 years now. Full Suite has been enabling startup entrepreneurs and businesses to focus on their core activities by providing backend solutions. Simply put, we are the complete system that your business needs.

Time equals money; therefore, when you save time, you save money. Take a look at the benefits of outsourcing and see if they are in line with the goals of your business. Find the service provider that can give the optimum results for your business.

We spent the past decade providing timely, efficient and cost-effective backend solutions for our clients. We let our clients focus on the main activities of their businesses as we accomplish the tasks that they should not be worrying anymore. Know more of how you can focus more on growing your business. Schedule your free consultation today.

Truth In Outsourcing The 5 Outsourcing Hearsays

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