When thinking about the Asian market, what country comes to mind first? I guarantee the answer is China, and mainly it’s because of its size. However, attention is due for other countries in Southeast Asia as well, but they are often overlooked; one of those countries being the Philippines. In today’s episode, I want to focus our attention specifically on the Philippines. The Philippines is not only the third largest English-speaking nation, but it’s also a shopping paradise in Southeast Asia, being composed of a highly skilled workforce.

For today’s Global Influencer episode, I invited Danella Yujuico Yaptinchay. Danella is the Managing Director at Full Suite, a services company that provides back-end support to small businesses. She’s also the founder of Homegrown, a media company. Danella is the prime resource for information you need to kick start your research into the potential that the Philippines might have in store for your business, so don’t miss out!

EP#48: Why the Philippines is an overlooked market full of business opportunities – Danella Yujuico Yaptinchay (24:47)

By: Luna Vega – The Global Influencer

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