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Get the kind of help that counts––literally. Our team of seasoned accountants will keep your figures neat and orderly, so you never have to slog through record keeping. As a Xero Gold Partner, we provide startups and SMEs a hassle-free access to full-serviced finance expertise that are otherwise very expensive and difficult, if managed internally.

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Dedicated point of contact

You will be provided one point of contact so you do not have to deal with the complexities of having to deal with different resources.

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Pool of Experts

Your point of contact is supported by our inhouse finance experts in various facets. Ask us anything Finance and we will get the right answer for you.


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Accounting in a cloud, automated reports, integrates with over 500+ apps. We are one of four Xero Gold Partners in the Philippines and we know the system like the back of our hand.

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Strategic Partner

Our founders have solid strategic finance leadership experience from both multinational giants and Silicon Valley companies. From compliance to fundraising to eventual sale, we got you covered.

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Entrepreneurial Mindset

We’ve been picked carefully among hundreds of applicants to make up a rockstar team. To us, you’re not just an assigned account, you’re the startup we take pride of being part of!

3 Reasons for Outsourcing your Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Tax Filing Activities

Benjamin Franklin once said that there are only two things that are certain in life: death and taxes. While it does sound very cynical with a touch of gloom and doom, it certainly is true. As individuals taxes are inescapable in our daily lives, look no further than the Value Added Tax (VAT) on the things we buy. For businesses, it is no different.

Businesses in the Philippines cannot escape paying taxes to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). Whether quarterly or yearly, tax returns are a necessary part of running a business.

Apart from tax filing, bookkeeping and accounting are no doubt thankless but essential parts of business operations. Keeping your books clean and in order would ensure that you are not going to be on the run from the tax man as well as making it easier for you to oversee how the money in your company is circulating.

Yes, it can be intimidating to handle the bookkeeping, accounting, and tax filing of your company yourself, however, there are other options. You can hire an accountant for your company or you can outsource these processes to another company. It may seem too much of a risk to expose your books to an entity outside your company but there are many benefits with outsourcing.

One of FullSuite’s specializations are handling all these processes and here are three reasons to outsource bookkeeping, accounting, and tax filing to us.

1. Expertise

Reading about the tax laws can get quite confusing so it is best to leave it to experts. We have accountants that have studied these laws inside and out and their expertise will ensure that the processes will be done correctly and efficiently. We will handle your books and accounts with care and precision that only comes with being experts in our field.

2. Lower Costs

With outsourcing, you do not have to hire your own team of accountants thus saving you money from overhead costs. The money saved could instead be invested into your company. 

3. You can focus on Business Ops

The saying “out of sight, out of mind” is applicable here. Bookkeeping, accounting, and tax filing are activities that take up a lot of time, time that may be better spent on your business activities. FullSuite will take care of these processes so that you won’t have to worry about them. You can run your company and focus on making it grow. Instead of expending time and energy on keeping your books in the right and filing taxes, you can instead think of other ideas and implementing them to help your business maximize its potential.

Avoid the hassles of undergoing these processes yourself by outsourcing to FullSuite. We pride ourselves in being transparent, easy to partner with, and being experts in our field. Save yourself time and money all the while guaranteeing yourself to be headache free. Our team will treat your company’s books and tax endeavors with care and respect, ensuring proper service befitting your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need to file taxes if my business generated zero income?

Yes tax filing is still necessary even if no income was earned. In this case you will need to file your tax returns as zero revenue. Failure to file taxes will result in certain penalties.

How can I lower my taxes?

The taxes to be paid will depend on the revenue of the business and any authorized deductible expenses.

What are the receipts needed by my business?

For businesses that provide a service, an official receipt will usually suffice. On the other hand, if the business sells products, more receipts may be needed. The business may be required to provide some or even all of the following: cash invoice, sales invoice, collection receipts, delivery receipts, and/or an official receipt.

We liaise with these government agencies so you don’t have to.


Service provider professional fees may not include: government filing fees, taxes, and out-of-pocket expenses. Those expenses will be paid directly to the concerned government office or organizations and will be supported by receipts.

No more headaches. Let FullSuite handle the tedious stuff so you can focus on running your business.

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What They Say About Us

FullSuite is the most involved outsourced partner I've ever had the privilege of working with and I cannot recommend them enough.

MikeCEO, Growth Rocket

I was almost about to give up before I found FullSuite, so I am lucky I found them and I am very appreciative for their help and service.

MatthewCEO, Integrated Globaltech Outsourcing Specialists

FullSuite is one of the few institutions in the Philippines who can definitely help companies from overseas to successfully establish a local entity in the Philippines. They provided us an expert view of HR and Accounting, and help us build the framework for our Philippine office.

PauloDirector, Cloud Operations for APAC

Great service, an incredible team with high attention to detail, and competitive prices - we love FullSuite and highly recommend them for all your needs!

SamCEO, UtakPos

It has freed up my time to work on the new year's products and marketing strategy. Thanks FullSuite!

MegHola Lili

I found the experience [with FullSuite] to be efficient and appreciated that I was kept in the loop. I would receive weekly emails detailing actions taken and got a pretty accurate estimate when my business permit application would be completed.

Sonny ThakurEditorial and Travel Photographer

I recommend FullSuite to fellow start-up entrepreneurs/ business owners who don't have the time nor the patience to deal with our cumbersome government regulations.

Stephen CoCEO, Nipa Brew

They took care of the entire registration process from start to end, while I was focusing on other aspects of my business.

XaviOwner of Makisu Software Consulting Services

I was able to focus on growing my consultancy instead of dealing with the confusing process. Thanks, FullSuite!

Boo UmalyFreelance Marketing Consultant

FullSuite has been helping me with my annual registration for years and I've been more than satisfied with their efficient and reliable service. They get the work done without giving me any worries.


They presented all the permits and registrations I would need. There's constant communication from everyone handling my documents. Even their messenger is courteous and helpful.

Karen PascualOwner K.C Pascual Food Products