Frequently Asked Questions

Registering your Intellectual Property can be time-consuming. We've gathered all frequently asked questions about Intellectual Property Filing in the Philipines to equip you with the basic knowledge you'll need when preparing for your application.

Patent, Trademark, or Copyright – which one should I apply for?

  1. A patent refers to the exclusive rights to a product or a process, as well as its improvements – granted that the product or process offers something new and useful. The Inventor or creator with the patent has the right to choose as who can use, sell, or even make something similar during its 2-year validity period.
  2. A trademark is a tool used to differentiate services and goods from one another. It can be in a form of a word or group of words; a sign, a logo, or a symbol. It could even be a combination of those above.
  3. Copyright refers to the protection given to the owner of an original work covering literary works, musical pieces, paintings and computer programs, among others. Under the copyright laws, the owner of the original work is entitled to economic and moral rights. Economic rights enable the creator to receive profit gains should his works be distributed by third parties. Moral rights, on the other hand, protect the connection between the creator and his work.

How long does registration take?

  1. The average time to register a trademark is between 18 to 24 months. There are 5 steps that you’ll go through when registering – filing, examination, publication in e-gazette, opposition (if any), and registration.

Why should I register my Intellectual Property?

  1. By registering your IP, you prevent unauthorized parties from using them. This can save you/ your brand from malicious entities and can protect your brand’s reputation. These malicious entities can also be civil/criminally liable for unauthorized use of your IP.