Filipinos’ shopping habits during the holiday season are quite unique. Even as early as September, people are already making their gift or wish lists. Come October to November, shoppers start flocking to stores and bazaars a little earlier than the rest to buy their stuff and presents for family and friends, in the hopes of avoiding the Christmas rush. By December, everyone goes full blast in their preparation for the Yuletide.

Now is the perfect time to promote and sell your brand to the Filipino market, which is very much in a buying mood right at this moment. The demand for quality and affordable products and services is at its peak, and if you could step up your game in this department, you’re bound to get ahead of the competition and attract more buying customers than everyone else.

As you gear up your business in time for the holidays, keep in mind the following tips:

Gear Up Your Business for the Holiday Season

1. Model Good Customer Service

The holiday frenzy could drain your energy and test your patience, with just too many customers to serve and extra hours to put in at work. Plus, administrative tasks such as renewal of business permits for the incoming year should not be overlooked.

Remind yourself and your staff not to let all the pressure get the better of you. Stay focused on the job and treat your customers with respect, professionalism, and cheerfulness. People will appreciate your brand of customer service especially when they know you’re going out of your way to give them a royal treatment, so to speak. As one store chain says, you should show that you’re always “happy to serve.”

2. Stock up on Your Supplies

Nothing can be so frustrating for customers than to come to you for business and be told that the goods are not available. Some customers know better and check with their favorite stores if stocks are available prior to their visit, but you will still encounter a lot of shoppers who will just walk into your store. So imagine how disappointed they will be if you’re unable to deliver what they came for.

Keep your supplies and stocks in check, and make advance arrangements with your suppliers well ahead of the busy season.

3. Offer Christmas Bundle Sales

Filipinos love looking for the best deals around. Bundled packages are very appealing as they represent added value to what customers are paying for. Just make sure your bundle offerings will actually find favor with customers, and not just to get rid of stocks from your inventory.

If your business is service-oriented, you may still create bundled packages or offer discounted rates for your services. The main takeaway here is to help your customers save up on their purchases.

4. Sell Your Merchandise Online

Filipinos are doing more online shopping nowadays. They have become receptive to this trend mainly because of the convenience that e-commerce brings to the table. All it takes is a search on the web, and voila, hundreds to thousands of choices pop up before them, and with a few clicks, their shopping is completed.

If you want to capture this market of online shoppers, you need to go the extra mile of actually helping customers with so much more than aggressively hawking your wares to them. Perhaps you could offer a free consultation, free shipping, or essential freebies—any related information or service that would complement what your customers are looking for.

5. Spread the Cheer and Love of the Season

Christmas is a very special occasion for everyone. Whatever holiday surprises you have in store for your customers, make sure they genuinely convey the message of love and joy of Christmas.

Be generous in rewarding your loyal customers with small tokens to show your appreciation for their business. After all, Christmas is where the smallest gesture of goodwill can go a long, long way.

So, what are you waiting for? As the holidays are just a few days away, don’t forget to grab this opportunity and make your business stand out this season. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!


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