Your complete schedule of submission, filing, and payment of taxes for the whole month of May 2016:


•  If you need assistance in the preparation and filing of your taxes, call us at 746 0121 or send us an email at Full Suite.

•  This information is gathered from the Bureau of Internal Revenue website and from the Know Your Taxes website.

•  The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) now requires the use of their eBIRForms, for more information about the BIR’s new memorandum read our article: eBIRForms — Everything You Need to Know


  • steph says:


    Ask ko lang po kung pano ang computation kung may nagbayad sa akin ng USD currency? Paano ko sya irereport sa BIR? Thank you!

    • fullsuite_poaanq says:

      Short answer: once it converts to local currency, that’s what you report as income.

      Long answer: Are you registered as a freelancer / sole prop / corp (Aka a legal entity)? If not, there is no “legal” way to remit your revenue to the BIR.

      You have to first register properly.

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